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Teaching Staff


P1A – Gillian Jackson

P1B – Jane Christie

P2A – Nicola McLeay

P2B – Neil McKenzie

P3A – Hannah Forbes and Amanda Conn

P3B – Laurent Sausset

P4A – Emma Scott

P4B – Laura McGregor

P5A – Adrienne Wilson

P5B – Maggie Gillies and Amanda Conn

P6A – Ed Brown

P6B – James Mair and Susan Esslemont

P7A – Fleur Jackson and Amanda Conn

P7B – Rebecca Thoms

Community Resource Hub

Susie Bijl, Isobel Sanchez, Adam Whyte and Catherine Reid

Support For Learning

Sarah Dakkak

Ruth McKell

Specialists and Other Visitors

Modern Languages – Vicky Matheson

Art – Chris Casey

Intervention & Prevention – Andy McKay

Pupil Support Worker – Kathleen Runcie